Molten Mountain

We made the cross that produced this flower many times and got one seed. That seed was worth the effort.

We got a brilliantly colored, very big bicolor that makes me want to yell, "Yeehaw!" every summer when I see it start blooming.

I wanted the name Hootnanny for this one, but it was taken.

This caused quite a stir as an unnamed seedling at the 2008 Sandhills Daylily Club show.

Orange Surf X Big Enough
Bloom size: 7-9 inches
Scape Height: 28 inches
Bud Count: 14-26
Plant habit: Dormant
Bloom time: Midseason to midseason-late
Blooming habit: Occasionally recurrent
Fertility: Fertile both ways. Pods not especially easy.
Ploidy: Tetraploid
Flaws: Shows water damage. Not a good plant in South Florida.
Exceptional qualities: Color rocks. Robust growth Sunfastness is excellent.

Price: $125

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