Red Glass

This remarkably sunfast bright red is our only introduction from tetraploid Christmas Is. It has four parents that contribute very bright, sunfast red color and three parents that contribute green throats.

The flower below is much wider -petaled than average for this cultivar. In fact, we are using this to breed for narrow-petaled forms in reds. Unfortunately, pods are not easy.

Such wide flowers appear on some rebloom scapes. But this is not an especially good rebloomer. It does have beautiful, branched scapes with many buds. This photo is the best one we had for showing the remarkable color and green throat.

No other red has its sunfastness, and we contiue to use it as a breeder for sunfast color, narrow form, freedom of bloom, and general good health.

.Its special qualities include heavy, waxy substance and texture.

{[Jim Skinner x (Mohammed Salameh x King's Flourish)] X tet Christmas Is}
Bloom size: 6 inches
Scape Height: 29 inches
Bud Count: 18
Plant habit: Dormant
Bloom time: Midseason
Blooming habit: Rarely recurrent
Fertility: Pods difficult, pollen is easy.
Ploidy: Tetraploid
Flaws: None noted.
Exceptional qualities: Robust growth. Tough flowers resist thrips and water spottiing. Sunfastness is excellent.
Price: $150
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